Tsegofatso Rabalao

Tsegofatso Rabalao is the Leader of our chapter in Soshanguve. Here is a peak into her life.

My name is  Tshegofatso Phuti Rabalao.  I am 19 years old from Soshanguve Block VV . I am a normal teenager that does extraordinary work. Ambition and passion is what drives me to be a phenomenal young woman amongst my peers. I am very confident  under my own skin and adore my supremacy. One may say I am a bubble in a bottle of a champagne, my personality is so regal. I am a mouse in stature but a lion in strength. I am bubbly and free spirited

I embrace challenges and am willing to look at them with a positive eye. I strongly believe that challenges are here  to strengthen us and not to harm us. I am invincible and unstoppable, like a river I will always flow. I find  joy in sports, such an outstanding candidate in playing soccer and chess. I extremely enjoy music, singing and playing marimba are my hobbies. Jazz,soul, R&B and classical music are dear to my soul. I live in the world of music that I cannot compose. Very adventurous but do not believe in a phrase YOLO!

I believe in the intelligence of a black child. One of my philosophies is that to change to the world one must educate a girl child. I am inspired by philanthropist Oprah Winfrey who brought hope to many hopeless South Africa girls. Legends like Maya Angelou,Oprah Winfrey,Iyanla Vanzant and Criselda Dudumashe motivate me to be a courageous young woman. Through this powerful woman I learned that life is like a disco no matter how the dj changes the songs; you keep dancing.

Through their lives I relate and gain wisdom. It is my great desire to have my own organization that motivates young woman  to know that they are capable of reaching every goal. It is very important that girls of this country believe in themselves because you became what you believe not what you think. Every goal is reachable and possible. I mean the sky is never the limit if an astronaut could bounce on the moon. I believe that each and every individual is able to be a conqueror. Impossibility does not exists in my dictionary.

Therefore  black child; dare to know that you are BRIGHT,BRAVE,BOLD, BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL


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