Grade 7/8 Leadership Challenge 2019

Grade 7/8 Leadership Challenge 2019

Supreme Girls 2019
Grade 7/ 8 Girls Leadership Challenge
Calling all schools to book their grade 7 and 8 girls for our Leadership Challenge. The Supreme Team will travel to your school to host the event.
Girls are starting high school soon and have no idea what challenges await. There is the need to fit in, the need to be top of the class, the need to be the coolest girl, pressure to do all kinds of toxic activities and then the Boys factor…..
How does a girl navigate her last year in Primary school, prepare for high school and not loose herself?
How does she stay true to her identity and become bolder and stronger ?
How does she balance home , school, friends, family, sports and extra activities?
Mostly, how does she trust God to lead her in a world that is designed to break the teenage girl?
All this and more will be unpacked and girls will be given the skills to successfully navigate their pre-teen and high school years. Schools must send an email to book their grade 7 girls. , Helen Mthembu, the founder.
Cost is R 50 per girl. This will include a meal and drink. The day will also include motivational talks, Yoga and much more.
Any day in January and February 2019. Book now to secure your date.
Instead of having crazy initiation ceremonies that traumatize a girl ….why not book Supreme Girls for this empowering and uplifting event to add value to the life of each grade 7 girl.
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Supreme Girls Conference 2018

On the 22 August 2018 we held our annual conference in partnership with the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. Together we hosted 1500 girls from across Gauteng. The girls enjoyed a day of inspiration, career guidance, leadership masterclass and motivational speeches by our very own young leaders.


It has been an amazing year and our girls have gone from shy to bold in many ways. As I look back to the start we were not too sure how the year would unfold but God has lead the way. Here we are in November entering December and about to close the year off; and all that has happened was pure joy. Goals achieved…milestones reached.

Thank you to all our Supreme Girls, Sponsors, Family and Friends who made 2017 a success!

Mncube Secondary- Girls Lunch Session

This session was small and informative. We discussed 2018’s challenges and changes.

Sizanani Primary- Workshop 3